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The following are blog articles we have written. Although our site is primarily devoted to the author Charles Dickens, we have included articles about the times he lived in.


Greenwich Fair.All the fun of Charles Dickens’s Greenwich Fair.

Published: April 2017.

In 1835 the 23 year-old budding writer Charles Dickens, then using the pseudonym ‘Boz’, penned a sketch about Greenwich Fair, a huge event which attracted crowds of up to 100,000 people, mainly working classes looking to let off steam. In this article, we look behind this biannual spectacle which Dickens’s so acutely observes, and how left to a combination of being left unchecked and some Victorian sniffery, it ultimately became a victim that was to befall many Fairs around the metropolis.

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The Song of the Shirt: Mrs Biddell and an early victory in Victorian court of public opinion.

Published: May 2017.

In October 1843 a young widow and seamstress, simply known as Mrs Biddell, was prosecuted at a Court in the East End of London for pawning clothes she was sewing in order to feed her starving children. Although not an unusual tale for many hard-up seamstresses, the case of Mrs Biddell would go on to make national publicity and expose the distress of this poor group of workers. In this article, we look at the story behind Mrs Biddell and the plight of this largely hidden industry in the early part of the Victorian Era.

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Pop Goes The Weasel: The Rise and Fall of the Eagle Tavern and Grecian Theatre, City Road.

In 1835, Charles Dickens, wrote a sketch about a visit to The Eagle Tavern in London’s City Road. Twenty years later he would revisit the venue, which had by then grown to become one of the East End’s largest and most popular entertainment venues. In a four-part blog, we explore the rise of Eagle, how it rose to become one of the most popular entertainment places in the metropolis and how it ultimately fell to religious zealotry.

Published: May – August 2018.


Part 1. Taking Flight.

Part 2. The Eagle Soars. [Coming Soon]

Part 3. The Grecian Conquests. [Coming Soon]

Part 4. [Coming Soon]

A Lexicon of Dickens Characters.

Published: August 2018.

[Coming Soon]

Figurative Language in A Christmas Carol.

Published: September 2018.

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