Great Expectations Trail.

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Explore locations associated with the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations in our trail.


Title Description

The convict Magwitch is transported to New South Wales, Australia where he becomes a wealthy sheep farmer.

Cooling: Kent Marshes.

The bleak marshes of the North Kent Coast near Cooling provided Charles Dickens with inspiration for the opening chapters of Great Expectations.

Cooling: St. James' Church.

The churchyard of St James' Church inspired Charles Dickens to set the opening chapter of Great Expectations, where the hero Pip meets Magwitch.

Cooling: The Forge.

Dickens is aid to have used the old forge in the village as a model for Joe Gargery's cottage in Great Expectations. The forge, at the junction of Lower Higham Road and Forge Lane, has now been converted into a house.

Kent: River Thames.

It is likely that the hulks, the prison ships, from which Magwitch and Compeyson escape, were moored in the River Thames here.

London: Barnards Inn.

In Great Expectations the character Pip lodges in Barnard's Inn following his arrival in London.

London: Cross Keys, Cheapside.

Former coaching inn near St. Pauls Cathedral, known to Dickens from his childhood and used in Great Expectations.

London: Essex Street.

When the convict Abel Magwitch returns to England, Pip finds lodgings for him in Essex Street, London under a false name.

London: Gerrard Street, Soho.

The lawyer Jaggers lives in a rather plain house in Gerrard Street in the Soho area of London.

London: Little Britain.

This London street, near Smithfield Market, is the location of the lawyer Jaggers’ office.

London: Mill Pond Bank.

Pip takes a boat here to collect Magwitch.

London: Smithfield Market.

Upon arriving in London, Pip visits Smithfield cattle market which he describes as a 'shameful place, being all asmear with filth and fat and blood and foam, seemed to stick to me.'

London: Whitefriars Gate, Temple.

Whilst retruning to his lodgings in The Temple area, Pip is handed a warning letter by the porter at Whitefriars Gate, telling him not to go home.

Rochester: Bull Hotel.

Dickens stayed here many times and the inn was used in both The Pickwick Papers and Great Expectations.

Rochester: Restoration House.

Dickens partly used Restoration House as a model for Miss Havisham's Satis House in Great Expectations.

Rochester: Satis House.

Dickens used Satis House in Great Expectations as Miss Havisham's ruined estate.

Rochester: The Guildhall.

Pip is sworn-in as apprentice blacksmith before the mighty Justices at The Guildhall in Rochester.


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