Characters of Hard Times.



The Gradgrind family.


Thomas Gradgrind sets out his rather mechanical approach to life at the outset of Hard Times when he sets up a School.




Thomas Gradgrind: The .

Mrs. Gradgrind: 

Thomas Gradgrind, Jr.: Eldest son of Thomas and Mrs Gradgrind and generally known by the name Tom.

Tom is an apprentice at Bounderby’s bank, but his excessive gambling and spending habits lead him to rob it and  implicate Stephen as the suspect.

Louisa Gradgrind: The eldest daughter of Thomas and Mrs Gradgrind.

Jane Gradgrind: Youngest daughter of Thomas and Mrs Gradgrind. Largely raised by Sissy, she avoids some of the emotional turmoil that have affected her brother, Tom and sister, Louisa from the harsh upbringing from their father.






Description of Josiah Bounderby.

Josiah Bounderby:

The wealthy and powerful banker and factory owner in Coketown, Bounderby is part of the new class of self-made, rich industrialists in the Victorian Era.


James Harthouse:










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