Chapter List.


CHAPTER 1. Sun and Shadow.

CHAPTER 2. Fellow Travellers.

CHAPTER 3. Home.

CHAPTER 4. Mrs Flintwinch has a Dream.

CHAPTER 5. Family Affairs.

CHAPTER 6. The Father of the Marshalsea.

CHAPTER 7. The Child of the Marshalsea.

CHAPTER 8.. The Lock.

CHAPTER 9. Little Mother.

CHAPTER 10. Containing the whole Science of

CHAPTER 11. Let Loose.

CHAPTER 12. Bleeding Heart Yard.

CHAPTER 13. Patriarchal.

CHAPTER 14. Little Dorrit’s Party.

CHAPTER 15. Mrs Flintwinch has another Dream.

CHAPTER 16. Nobody’s Weakness.

CHAPTER 17. Nobody’s Rival.

CHAPTER 18. Little Dorrit’s Lover.

CHAPTER 19. The Father of the Marshalsea in two
or three Relations

CHAPTER 20. Moving in Society.

CHAPTER 21. Mr Merdle’s Complaint.

CHAPTER 22. A Puzzle.

CHAPTER 23. Machinery in Motion.

CHAPTER 24. Fortune-Telling.

CHAPTER 25. Conspirators and Others.

CHAPTER 26. Nobody’s State of Mind.

CHAPTER 27. Five-and-Twenty.

CHAPTER 28. Nobody’s Disappearance.

CHAPTER 29. Mrs Flintwinch goes on Dreaming.

CHAPTER 30. The Word of a Gentleman.

CHAPTER 31. Spirit.

CHAPTER 32. More Fortune-Telling.

CHAPTER 33. Mrs Merdle’s Complaint.

CHAPTER 34. A Shoal of Barnacles.

CHAPTER 35. What was behind Mr Pancks on Little
Dorrit’s Hand.

CHAPTER 36. The Marshalsea becomes an Orphan.