Mr Plornish.

Mr Plornish is a resident of Bleeding Heart Yard, which is home to some of the poorest people in London. He is a plasterer by trade but, like many, he struggles to find employment. Despite this, he is a cup-half-full, jovial kind of man. He and his wife have a large brood of children and he enjoys family life. Plornish met and befriended the Dorrits during a short stretch in the Marshalsea Prison.

Mrs Plornish.

Mrs Plornish lives in Bleeding Heart Yard with her husband, Mr Plornish, and their large brood of children. In spite of living in poverty and hardship, she is a cheerful and generous character. For example, she takes Cavalletto under her wing when he first arrives in London, and is extremely proud of her innate ability to talk to him in fluent Italian.