Somehow, we never can resist joining a crowd.


Sketches by Boz

Somehow, we never can resist joining a crowd.” is a quotation from Sketches by Boz, Characters, Chapter 6 (The Hospital Patient).

Sketches by Boz is a collection of short pieces written by Charles Dickens and published as a book in 1836.



George Cruickshank illustrated the sketch The Hospital Patient with this drawing of a pickpocket being carted off to the Police Station.

After watching a pickpocket being transported to the Police Station, Dickens and company can’t help but join a crowd outside the entrance to see what is going on.

Taken from the following passage in The Hospital Patient:

About a twelvemonth ago, as we were strolling through Covent-garden (we had been thinking about these things over-night), we were attracted by the very prepossessing appearance of a pickpocket, who having declined to take the trouble of walking to the Police-office, on the ground that he hadn’t the slightest wish to go there at all, was being conveyed thither in a wheelbarrow, to the huge delight of a crowd.

Somehow, we never can resist joining a crowd, so we turned back with the mob, and entered the office, in company with our friend the pickpocket, a couple of policemen, and as many dirty-faced spectators as could squeeze their way in.


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