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The Daily News was a national daily newspaper in the United Kingdom founded in 1846 by Charles Dickens, who also served, briefly, as the first editor. It was conceived as a radical rival to the right-wing The Morning Chronicle.

Just after launching it , Charles Dickens resigned his editorship of The Daily News to beginning writing Dombey and Son. Just nine days after the launch date he wrote to his best friend John Forster expressing his desire:

I have been revolving plans in my mind this morning for quitting the paper and going abroad again to write a new book in shilling numbers.

Letter to John Forster, 30 January 1846.


Charles Dickens resigned as editor of The Daily News on 9 February 1846 after editing just 17 issues. He handed over editorship of the paper to John Forster, who had more experience in journalism than Dickens. Forster went on to run the paper until 1870.


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