All skeleton within, all bonnet and cloak without.





itemAll skeleton within, all bonnet and cloak without.” is a quotation from A Walk in a Workhouse.

item A Walk in a Workhouse was an article written by Charles Dickens about a visit to a London workhouse. It was first published on Saturday, 25 May, 1850, in Dickens own magazine Household Words.



item Dickens describes elderly women in a workhouse.

item Taken from the following passage in A Walk in a Workhouse:

Among this congregation, were some evil-looking young women, and beetle-browed young men; but not many– perhaps that kind of characters kept away. Generally, the faces (those of the children excepted) were depressed and subdued, and wanted colour. Aged people were there, in every variety. Mumbling, blear-eyed, spectacled, stupid, deaf, lame; vacantly winking in the gleams of sun that now and then crept in through the open doors, from the paved yard; shading their listening ears, or blinking eyes, with their withered hands; poring over their books, leering at nothing, going to sleep, crouching and drooping in corners. There were weird old women, all skeleton within, all bonnet and cloak without, continually wiping their eyes with dirty dusters of pocket-handkerchiefs; and there were ugly old crones, both male and female, with a ghastly kind of contentment upon them which was not at all comforting to see. Upon the whole, it was the dragon, Pauperism, in a very weak and impotent condition; toothless, fangless, drawing his breath heavily enough, and hardly worth chaining up.



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