Time, consoler of affliction and softener of anger.


itemTime, consoler of affliction and softener of anger.” is a quotation from Dombey and Son (Chapter 47).

item Dombey and Son was Charles Dickens’s seventh novel, published between 1846 and 1848.



item Taken from the following opening passage in Chapter 47 of Dombey and Son:

The barrier between Mr Dombey and his wife was not weakened by time. Ill-assorted couple, unhappy in themselves and in each other, bound together by no tie but the manacle that joined their fettered hands, and straining that so harshly, in their shrinking asunder, that it wore and chafed to the bone, Time, consoler of affliction and softener of anger, could do nothing to help them. Their pride, however different in kind and object, was equal in degree; and, in their flinty opposition, struck out fire between them which might smoulder or might blaze, as circumstances were, but burned up everything within their mutual reach, and made their marriage way a road of ashes.




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