This map shows you residences that featured in Dickens life.

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Bayham Street, London.

In 1822, the Dickens family returned to London renting a house at Bayham Street in Camden Town.

Bentinck Street, London.

In January 1833, the Dickens family moved to 18 Bentinck Street, London.

Chester Place, London.

From March - June 1847, the Dickens family rented a house at Chester Place, Regent's Park.

Devonshire Terrace, London.

Charles Dickens lived at 1 Devonshire Terrace from 1839-1851.

Doughty Street, LondonCharles Dickens lived at Doughty Street from 1837-1839.
Fitzroy Street, London.

When Charles Dickens was younger his family lived briefly at 13 and 25 Fitzroy Street, London for short periods between 1830 and 1833.

Furnivals Inn, Holborn, LondonCharles Dickens rented rooms at Furnivals Inn between 1834 and 1837.
Gads Hill, Kent.Dickens lived his final years at Gads Hill.
Johnson Street, London.

The Dickens family lived at 29 Johnson Street (now Cranleigh Street) after John Dickens was released from the Marshalsea for debt.

LandportCharles Dickens was born on February 7th, 1812 at Landport near Portsmouth.
Lant Street, Southwark, LondonWith his father imprisoned in the Marshalsea, Charles Dickens lived nearby, in Lant Street, Southwark.
Norfolk Street, London.

The Dickens family stayed twice at 10 Norfolk Street, now 22 Cleveland Street.

Ordnance Terrace, ChathamBetween 1817 and 1821, John and Elizabeth Dickens and their children lived in Ordnance Terrace, Chatham.
Selwood Terrace, BromptonCharles Dickens lodged here in 1835 whilst courting Catherine Hogarth, who lived nearby.
St. Marys Place, ChathamFrom 1821 to 1822 the Dickens family lived at 18 St Mary's Place, The Brook, Chatham.
Tavistock House, LondonHome of Charles Dickens and his family from 1851 to 1860.



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