Ordnance Terrace

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In 1817, John and Elizabeth Dickens and their children moved into number 2, Ordnance Terrace, Chatham, a recently built three-storey terraced house. John was a clerk in the pay office of the Royal Navy at Chatham Dockyard and Charles Dickens just five years old when the family moved here.

The house at Ordnance Terrace had good views across the town and from his attic room, Charles Dickens would have been able to see the ships and industrial activity of the Dockyard.

Due to financial difficulties the Dickens family were forced to move from Ordnance Terrace in 1821 to St. Mary’s Place in The Brook, Chatham.



The house is still standing and is not far from Chatham Railway Station. There is a plaque on the wall of the house commemorating its association with Charles Dickens. The house is no longer number 2 as it was renumbered when more houses were built in the terrace.



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