To be closer to the Hogarths and his fiancée, Catherine, Charles Dickens rented lodgings at 11 Selwood Terrace, Brompton. The location, just north of the Fulham Road was just minutes walking distance from the Hogarth family residence.

The lodgings were taken whilst Dickens was also renting rooms at Furnival’s Inn. His increasingly busy schedule was making too many demands in his time and Catherine started to complain.

Dickens rented a residence in May 1835 and for a period of six months. This was just after his engagement to Catherine.





Dickens Trail.

To the east of Selwood Terrace is St. Lukes Church, Chelsea, where Charles Dickens married Catherine Hogarth on 2 April 1836, two days after the publication of the first part of the The Pickwick Papers, his first great success.